The Hardy Jones Rapid Response Fund


Hardy Jones didn’t wait for others to respond to a situation affecting the creatures he cared about—he jumped in to help. In his memory, the Hardy Jones Rapid Response Fund has been created as a dedicated fund to periodically support the rapid disbursement of funds to front-line activists and campaigners working to expose crimes against nature, mobilize action, and illuminate solutions.

The fund is especially focused on individuals or organizations working to document, publicize, and address threats to the oceans and marine life, consistent with the spirit of Hardy Jones and his lifelong crusade to protect whales and dolphins. The intent of this flexible fund is to provide a timely assist when the immediate mobilization of funds may make all the difference in field or policy work to protect marine life and the environment.

The Hardy Jones Rapid Response Fund is administered by the Animal Welfare Institute with the assistance of an advisory committee comprising those who knew and worked with Hardy. Individuals or organizations that have demonstrated the need for urgent financial assistance are eligible for an award. The funds are to be used directly for mission-critical work to protect or conserve marine life, and a report of action taken and results achieved must be provided upon completion of the mission. To nominate someone or to apply for funds, contact, with HJRRF in the subject line, and state the mission and timeframe for which funds are sought.