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Greenland Approved to Hunt Humpback Whales

Let the United States and Denmark know how you feel about Greenland’s slaughter of Humpback whales.

Contact U.S. President Obama | Contact the Danish Prime Minister at

The 2011 meeting of the International Whaling Commission on the Isle of Jersey in the English Channel will be pivotal. Japan’s Antarctic whaling is collapsing but efforts else where in the world to expand whaling continue. BlueVoice will be at this meeting with strong evidence that Greenland’s so-called “aboriginal” whaling on finbacks, minkes and now humpbacks actually involves commercial interests. We have the evidence and we will present it.

The 2010 meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) did not, as feared, vote to legalize commercial whaling. The Obama administration, for reasons incomprehensible to us, tried to broker a deal that would have allowed the resumption of commercial whaling.

But, sadly, the IWC handed Greenland a quota to kill nine humpbacks each year from the population that winters in the Caribbean and passes by New England during the summer. The United States was among the delegates to vote for this quota. The quota was granted on an aboriginal need by the Inuit of Greenland. Aboriginal whaling quotas were designed to allow people who have limited food sources to hunt only enough to feed themselves.

BlueVoice traveled to Greenland to investigate charges that whale meat that was supposed to be solely for aboriginal use had, in fact, made it into commercial channels. BV executive director Hardy Jones found whale meat being sold in a supermarket, in a Thai restaurant as sushi and whale Mekong Whiskey soup and in a greasy spoon pizza/steak joint. Clearly not aboriginal use mandated by the International Whaling Commission. And we learned that Greenlanders are illegally hunting beyond the quota granted them for minke and finback whales.

Now the same fate awaits the humpbacks.

Greenlanders also hunt the magnificent beluga whale, actually a dolphin with a huge brain and highly evolved social relationships. Also the rare and endangered Narwal.

While we recognize the importance of hunting and fishing to the peoples of the north, Narwal and Beluga should not be hunted for the simple reason that their meat contains high levels of heavy metals and organic pollutants.

Let the United States and Denmark know how you feel about the slaughter of these whales.

Contact U.S. President Obama | Contact the Danish Prime Minister at

For unique and magnificent videos of humpbacks mating, narrated by Ted Danson, see our film Humpback Whales Mating.


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